Teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing works with children who have hearing problems.

   There are children who are hard of hearing (diminished hearing) having a partial loss of hearing.

   Children suffering from hearing loss are usually called hearing-impaired ones, in contrast to deaf people, for whom, even in conditions of using sound amplifying equipment, the perception of speech by hearing is not possible. At the same time, a frank and persistent loss of hearing makes it difficult not only to perceive speech, but also inevitably leads to a violation and misunderstanding of expressive speech (this is speech that others hear).

   Behavioral and learning characteristics are typical for the hearing-impaired children. To help such children is the task of the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing consider in his work:
1. the child’s age;
2. degree of hearing loss;
3. features of the child's personality;
4. possibilities of brain compensatory mechanisms.

    In view of this, the methods of working with a child are selected and the final goals of defect correction are determined.

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