Reading According to Zaytsev’s Method

A group of children aged 3,5-4 years old is accomplished for private lessons. Two kinds of services in one lesson at one price – speech correction + reading with the help of Zaytsev’s cubes.

N. Zaytsev methods are characterized by the specialists (physiologists, doctors, psychologists) as nature-aligned, health saving and overall adaptive, that are inclusive to different groups of children including those with special needs.

Zaytsev’s methods expansion and implementation proved its high performance and effectiveness. As the broadest testing shows, children aged 4-5 years old after 15-20 hour lessons begin reading, summing up and subtracting within one hundred. Further on, a work on improving reading, writing and counting skills is performed. By 6-7 years, having two lessons a week, 80-90% of children are able to study according to current programs for 2, 3, 4 forms. Zaytsev’s methods allow saving oceans of study time by learning Russian Grammar, Maths and English not only in Primary School but also in Secondary School.

Early learning of Reading and Maths according to Zaytsev’s methods – is the most proven diagnostic tool. The children find expression in action. During several lesson every teacher knows, without any tests, who is who. Talented, extremely teachable children are defined; fast as well as slow, calling for special attention, and some – even special examination. The earlier we find out it, the more chances we’ll have to fix it.

A famous innovative teacher from Saint Petersburg NikolayZaytsev (born in 1939) insistently recommend to refuse from traditional principles of mastering Reading as a technology, that negatively reflects the child’s psychomotor development and health. The main and the most famous of all his manuals are “Zaytsev’s Cubes” are based on the every child’s natural need in game, which haven’t negative impact on child’s health but, on the contrary, brings him joy, and on the systematicity of the material feed. All the material is fed while playing and children play these aids with great pleasure whether in groups or alone.

Zaytsev have seen the unit of speech organization not in syllable but in casts.

A cast is a pair of consonant and vowel or of consonant and hard or soft sign, or a single letter. Using these casts (each cast is on separate face of the cube) the child begins composing words. These particular casts Zaytsev wrote on his cubes.

He made cubes different in color, size and sound they make. This helps children to differentiate vowels and consonants, sonorants and soft sounds. These cubes help children (3,5-4 years old) to learn to read since first lessons and infants from 1 year they help to learn to speak and read simultaneously (during few months that are needed for child’s oral speech development). The only thing is that some author’s statements should be reconsidered and teaching approach should be changed by the lessons with such small children in order to make them more in-game, excluding tables and paying more attention to cubes.

Generally, the “cast” principle of teaching reading with the help of N. Zaytysev’s sounding cubes is adequate to neurophysiological freedom, freedom by which the child like a beginning musician manage creative activity searching for necessary sounds-notes, extract them by his own, he hears himself and corrects himself.

Zaytsev’s aids fit for every child – fast and slow, weak and strong. In his kindergartens Zaytsev prefers to take the weakest children to his group and they catch up very quickly with other children. Actually, this particular should be the essence of all enriching methods.

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