Aim of the lessons: overriding of speech defection by means of development of verbal and nonverbal mental functions on the basis of combination of

   - WORD,

   - MUSIC,


   Development of artistic skills, ability to sing and to dance;

    Child’s adaption to inside and outside environmental conditions.

    Music lessons are based on methods of phonetic and iconic rhythmic.

   Phonetic rhythmic - is a system of motional exercises during which different movements are combined with special speech material pronunciation.

   Iconic rhythmic (visible speech) – is a mean of pronunciation correction and hearing development backed on the picture made by the child himself.

Musical-rhythmic logopedic lessons’ structure

   - organizational moment;

   - movement to the music, different walking and running types in tune with musical illustrations, developmental physical exercises, fist pumps;

   - automation of pronunciation skills, work on rhythmic-intonation side of speech (exercises in phonetic, iconic, logorhythmic) on the basis of rhymes, songs, music games;

   - singing songs using phonetic rhythmic;

   - staging of dancing, choreographic compositions;

   - preparations for children’s matinee.

   Each lesson has its own story, which creates emotional atmosphere, and favorably influences the child’s state of mind.

   Each activity is closely connected with the previous one

   Children concern such lesson as a game, which gradually develop into lesson – a performance, a concert.

   Logorhythmic lessons are necessary to all children having problems with speech function formation including delay in speech development, defects in pronunciation, logospasm etc.

   Enrollment to the group on logorhytmic is carried out. Lessons begin on August 1, 2015. The price per lesson in group is UAH 70.

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