Special educator

Correctional (special) teacher for children and teenagers

   In a dynamic and complex world the modern, thinking parents face a complex task, how to realize potential and provide opportunities for the harmonious development of the child and his successful and full-fledged future.

   Life in the aggressive environment of modern cities often leads to the emergence of various somatic and neuropsychic diseases that cause abnormalities, disturbances or slowdown in healthy growth of a child. Parents and relatives frequently are unable to assess adequately the dynamics of a child development, in connection with which precious time is wasted, especially at an early age, when the correctional work of specialists is most effective and fruitful.

   Understanding by parents of the need for timely diagnosis of the level of psychophysical and speech development of the child by educators and psychologists is an important component of successful assistance.

   Correctional and educational work – is a system of special pedagogical activities aimed not only at overcoming or decreasing the developmental disability but also at formation of personality as a whole. Correction and compensation for abnormal development cannot occur spontaneously. A child with features of psychophysical development feels the need of timely and comprehensive systematic pedagogical influence much more than the normally developing one. The earlier the targeted correctional and educational work with a child begins the more significant achievements are reached in his development.

   Correctional (special education) teacher – is a specialist who carries out correctional and educational work with children and adolescents who have abnormalities in psychophysical development (sensomotor, somatic, mentally-speech spheres) or deviations in behavior.

   Services of the correctional (special education) teacher of our Center are:

    comprehensive diagnosis of a child psychophysical development level, drawing up an individual development program;

    individual and mini-group correctional-developing lessons for the children with developmental disabilities or who are be retarded from the age norm;

    motor-kinetic development of children with Down's syndrome by the method of physiotherapist P.Lauteslager (Holland);

    speech and communication development of children by the method of Professor S. Buckley (Great Britain);

    sensory-perceptual development by the method of M. Montessori;

    development of cognitive activity and higher mental functions in children with developmental problems;

    consultative and methodological assistance to parents and many other things.

   Work with our specialists is a kind of "school of intellectual growth" for every child. At the same time, parents are full participants in medical and correctional work getting help from our specialists in forming the skills of interaction and creating a favorable climate in a family.

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