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When do people visit a psychologist?

   The reasons can be completely different, but all of them are related to the fact that a person loses the feeling of calmness and happiness, cannot control his behavior and contact with others in full, feels himself alone. In one case, our communication with other people turns into a "war zone", in other case, the life itself seems colorless and joyless. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by headache or stomach pain, all sorts of fears ...

    We try to remedy situation in accessible ways, apply different ways, but these attempts, as a rule, bring temporary relief and do not significantly affect the situation. Then we recognize that we cannot manage it ourselves, and we need a view from the outside. It is very good if this view can be carried out by a qualified specialist who has the appropriate diplomas and work experience. But even in this case, please remember that no one will perform the work inwards for yourself. This work is usually associated with certain painful emotions that need to be experienced to move on. In addition, it will take time and some persistence.

   I often compare the work of a psychologist with the capabilities of a mirror and even a system of mirrors through which a person gets the ability to see something that is not accessible to the ordinary look. Nothing matters but this ability does not disappear when the work with a psychologist ends.

   If you have never talked with a psychologist, you can remain unaware of the meaning of the work, methods and possible outcomes. Therefore, I want to say a few words about the ideas on which the work with the client is based.

   Firstly, I am strongly convinced that I am dealing with mentally healthy people who due to various life circumstances have lost the ability to interact effectively with the environment and specifically with other people. My task is to consider together with the client the existing problem as a process extend in time, which has its own methods and objectives. For me it is not so much important the answer to the question "why does it happen in that way?" as the answer to the question "how does it happen and, accordingly, how can it be changed?".

   Secondly, I know that every our act, even the most unexpected and ridiculous, is an attempt to find a salutary balance in relations with this world, a kind of SOS signal, and we can see the true meaning of our actions and make only our own choice: how to proceed.

   Thirdly, my work, one way or another, should move you along the path to your own happiness. Ideally, I hope that you will master your creative ways of obstacles overcoming so that you will not need any help from a psychologist.

   For those who are acquainted a little more with psychology as a science, I note that my work is based on the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy.

    Individually, I want to turn to parents who are worried about their children. Whatever are the reasons for this worry (your own observations, complaints of others, and sometimes the direct request of the child for help), be ready for the fact that you will have to be changed too. The success in working with a child often depends on how parents themselves are willing to change their views and actions. Such a simple and seemingly obvious idea, but the number of parents who bring their child with the words "do something with HIM" does not decrease with each passing year. Even if you do not see the need and opportunity to participate in correctional work, the first meeting of a psychologist and a child occurs with your participation.

   The work with the client can be performed individually or in a group. First of all, this is the choice of the client, but we necessarily discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each form for an individual adult or a child.

   Information about my qualification you can find in the relevant section of the site, but here I want to express this in the form of the greatest gratitude to those who helped to acquire knowledge and experience: the teachers of the V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University, where I received a basic education; my colleagues in psychology and sociology with whom I worked in the system of higher education and in the framework of numerous trainings; the scientific supervisor of my thesis work; colleagues at work in preschool institutions; heads of the training program of the Moscow Gestalt Institute; as well as to all of my clients - adults and children.

   And in conclusion, I want to say that it's probably impossible to tell clearly what exactly is happening to you or your children in the process of corrective influence, but I always strive to do it. Therefore, any of your questions will not be ignored.

Child psychologist in Kharkov

   In our center you can complete training and receive the corresponding certificate in the framework of the scientific and practical seminar «Theory and practice of psycho-corrective work with children». You will get acquainted with theoretical concepts and become familiar with the various correction methods of children's fears, moods, aggressive, autistic behavior and many other things. It is intended for teachers, psychologists and other professionals in the field of preschool and school education, in the centers of child development and creative activities.

   The constantly acting psychological training of personal growth by author's method; acquisition of effective communication skills, management of one's own behavior and fascinating self-knowing are for all who take interest.

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