Website security policy

   Our website of the Center of speech and language therapy and psychology psychologyis visited by hundreds of people every day, moreover, people go on-line using different computers, operation systems and browsers for rendering Web pages. We try to make our website good and user-friendly in displaying for all of our clients, that`s why we`ve placed the scripts in different parts of the website, that collect specific information about users.

   Your privacy right is our priority. We consider, that our visitors should know, which information about them we collect, when we do it and for which purpose. We ensure that gathered data won`t be passed on to a third party, with the exception of cases, when it would be required by one of the Courts of Ukraine.

   The website automatically collects and saves statistical data, concerning every site session of the users, into database. We guarantee, that these data will be used for identification of your personality and location. We automatically register the following data:

    The date and time of visiting the page;
    All the pages of our website, that you have visited;
    The browser, you`ve used to go to the Internet, its version, as well as manufacturing company;
    The version and manufacturing company of your operation system (OS), installed on your computer;
    The website and it`s web page, with the link, that you have used to go to our website.
    Your IP address.

   Visiting statistics is a source of generalized demographic data, statistical information about users on the whole, their preferences concerning computer facilities, software and content of our website. These data helps us to understand our visitors and their preferences better, as well as which information they would like to see at our website, and in such a way we find out how it`s better to improve our website content and design.

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