Speech therapist for children and adults

   The whole life of a person from the earliest childhood and till an extreme old age is related to language. By means of a word we learn the world around us. "By a word you can kill, save and be in the lead in regiments".

   Speech is what helps us to express our thoughts. Acquaintances hear what we say. Speech is our thoughts aloud, our tool is the most complex and surprising. Person is not interesting to others if he/she cannot think out loud, namely say. When speech begins to sound, we understand where we are, whether people are interesting to us or not. Speech gives one of the main assessments of a person. This is the most vivid impression of a person. Speech should be beautiful and understandable to others.

   The task of a Speech therapist is to teach a child or an adult to have an eloquent tongue, and if they have some problems talking, then to helpdefinitely a child or an adult to overcome them.

   The problems can be different, they can arise at birth and during life. Medical professional scientists and educators have assigned different names to the problems talking.

Psychological-pedagogical classification was formed in the middle of the 20th century and includes:

1. General speech underdevelopment of I, II, III degrees;
2. Phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment;
3. Developmental speech delay;
4. Psychoverbal development delay;
5. Dysgraphia (writing disturbance);
6. Dyslexia(reading disturbance).

Medical classification which is more than 200 years includes:

1. Dyslalia(sound pronunciation disturbance);
2. Аlalia (absence of speech);
3. Dysarthria (speech disturbance related to injury of the central nervous system);
4. Rhinolalia (speech disturbance related to cleft palate);
5. Aphasia (breaking of formed speech);
6. Stuttering.

   There are many names, but the main point is one - speech suffers. And our goal, regardless of these names, is to help you and your children to learn to speak correctly and beautifully.

    Speech therapists and psychologists of our center have a huge working experience in the system of public health and education. Our knowledge and experience will help you to solve your problems related to speech and emotional-volitional sphere, taking into account your qualities and features of development.

REMEMBER! Speech is a reflection of your thoughts and it must be correct and beautiful.

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