The main objective of the Center of speech and language therapy and psychology "Apelsin" is to provide children, teenagers and adults with highly qualified, professional assistance in case if they have any problems with speech or problems in emotional and psychological spheres. The specialists in the center make their best to enable you to feel confident and comfortable.

   The integrated and complex work of our specialists envisages the individual approach to each customer and gives the possibility to achieve the best results in correction of the speech defects and in rejuvenation of the emotional and volitional sphere.

Specialists of our Center:

    Speech therapist;
    Special education teacher;
    of the deaf and hard of hearing.

The speech therapists of our Center conduct:

    The Counselling and recommendations for children and adults;
    The Trainings on speech development;
    The Correctional lessons on correct speech.
Any types of speech pathology are dealt with: (alalia; dytharthria; battarism; rhinism; dyslalia; GSUD of Ι, ΙΙ, ΙΙΙ degree; FFN (phonetics and phonemic speech underdevelopment);

    The work with children, who have combined disorders:
       1. Speech disorder + hearing disorder;
       2. Speech disorder +sense of sight disorder;
       3. Speech disorder +arrested development;
       4. Speech disorder + mental disorder.

The psychologists of our Center conduct:

   The counselling of the parents on early childhood development questions (assistance to parents in organization of theoccupations with children);
    The diagnostics of children’s psychological readiness to school; lessons on the development of children’s attention, memory and cogitation in the form of games (since 5 years);
    The familial counselling (problems in children-parents relations, between spouses and etc.);
    The correction of antisocial behavior and negative emotional states of children and adults (aggression, fears, whims, survivor guiltand etc.).

The concept

    The aim of specialists in our center is to support and to assist parents, who bring up and educate children with any development disorders
(a special child).

   The speech therapists and psychologists pay the considerable attention to the work with children, who have autism spectrum disorders.

   The autism is a disorder not only of childhood, but of the autistic traits remain even during the whole person’s life.

   The autism - is not a sentence.

   The autism - is a psychological disorder that appears during the first 3 years of child life.

   The autism is called pervasive, i.e.penetrating or general development disorder that means the disorder of all the spheres of mental activity, including the ability of environmental perception, speech development, emotions, cogitation, and peculiarities of contact with people and behavior in general.

   Nowadays ABA-therapy (applied behavioral analysis, which is based on the theoretical works of Skinner“The Behavior of Organisms”, 1938, “Verbal Behavior”, 1957), is the most effective method of work with children, who have autistic spectrum disorders.

   This approach is the only one, the effectiveness of which were proved in the course of scientific researches.

   ABA–therapy is considerably differs from the other psychological and pedagogical approaches. It is based on the principles of reinforcement of required behavior and weakening of undesired one.

   ABA is successfully used in work with autistic children, although there are also a lot of other methodologies and concepts.

   According to the “Autism Speaks” organization, today, 1 case of autism is diagnosed among 76 young children. 10 years ago, the statics showed rather other figures: 1 child among 150 young children. The need for scientifically proved effective approaches is rapidly increasing, in connection with the increase of children, who need special educational methodology.

   Almost every person knows such people, who bring up special child with difficulties in development. You must admit that it is not easy at all! That is why the specialist of our center use best endeavors to inform parents and families of special children about ABA-therapy aims. We hope that the use of modern approaches in training and education correction of special children will help your child to become independent and successful person.

We will help You and Your children!

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